How does your eCommerce
website compare?

Rank your eCommerce website against others in your industry. 

Our free tools score your site on speed, usability, security, and more...

Get Your Website Score

We help you understand how others see your website. Things like:

You get a score for each component to see how you compare to eCommerce stores in your industry. 


What does SiteScorer do?

SiteScorer is a free tool for checking eCommerce website performance. We’ll give you a score on how your site performs compared to other sites in your industry. The areas we test are

1. Speed

2. Security

3. Usability

How does SiteScorer work?

We use publicly available information to score your website. We look at page load speed, usability on different devices, and security and SEO best practices. 

Why does SiteScorer offer this for free?

We help eCommerce businesses understand their website performance. Some find things they’d like to improve, but don’t have the time. So, we offer quick fixes for common problems. It’s entirely up to you if you want to use them. 

Why do you compare performance to industry averages? 

We find this helps eCommerce businesses understand which parts of their website performance to focus on. 

How do I improve my score?

We’ll give free advice for quick fixes that take a few minutes. If you want further improvements, we may be able to help with more in-depth tools. 

What do I do once I have my results?

With your results, you’ll also get recommendations on how to improve your score. If you want further improvements, we may be able to help with our other tools. 

My score is really good, do I need to improve it more?

If you got a great score on your first try, congratulations! You’re doing a great job, and there’s nothing to do now. Keep it up!